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It‘s a tremendous advantage to have a partner like Goodmind waiting in the wings - ready to offer insights, research, and breakout ideas to win us business and make a difference for our clients.  My service offerings are simply not complete without Goodmind‘s partnership.

— Rob Dircks, Owner, Dircks Associates

I consider Goodmind my virtual research department.  They have helped me to uncover insight about our customer base and our business model - not only by using inventive tools and technology, but also by listening to my needs and helping me as only a true partner could.  I rely on Goodmind for the majority of our research needs - they are responsive and professional and I could not do my job without them.

— Adrienne Garland, Vice President of Marketing, PR Newswire

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Goodmind has a broad range of online and offline tools for tapping into customer wisdom and improving customer experience.


Your users can tell you everything you need to know, to be better at what you do, to grow and to earn an ongoing relationship.


The way we see it, user experience research is only partially about efficient and accurate collection of data.  The other, more important, part of what we do is to help you make use of the insights gathered.


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